edX Logo (Trademark of edX)This is an open-source project initiated by me in 2012 for edX, an open course platform organized by some famous universities including MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley. The tool provides an easy way for edX students to download the lecture video clips in a batch, which enables them to put the videos into portable devices and to study anywhere.


edx-downloader User Interface 用户界面

The tool is the Monkey’s first GitHub project, which is under collaborations from @, @rbrito, @iemejia, and so on. The project was immediately responded by other edX classmates after the Monkey’s proposal. It becomes a widely recognized project, which helps countless students study on edX.


For more information, please checkout the project homepage. 欲了解更多信息,请前往项目主页

* edX is the trademark of edX. edX是edX的注册商标。


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