Mr. Alpaca

— Digital Signal Processing Demonstration Software
Splash Window of Mr.Alpaca (Mr.Alpaca的启动画面)

As a project of a DSP course in BIT, Mr.Alpaca is a digital signal processing demonstration software, which gives intuitive feelings of complex DSP methods to learners. The software is implemented by a combination of MATLAB and VB.NET, which gets advantages of each one, i.e. the user interface design of VB.NET and the scientific calculation of MATLAB.


It is known that visual demonstration of algorithms enhances students’ understanding. Algorithms are abstract and hard, and coding is tiring. Digital  Signal Processing needs a software to demonstrate the use of different filters and variety of spectrum estimation.


Features 特性

  • Flexible Signal Control: The software supports arbitrary superposition among signals (basic sine, square, and noise signals), setting or deleting in batch, and switchability between analog or digital analysis methods;
  • 灵活的信号控制:软件支持信号(基本的正弦、方波、噪声信号)的任意叠加、批量设置和删除、数模分析模式的可转化;
  • Friendly Notifications: The software uses information bubbles, tool tips, process bar, and status bar to help users get well;
  • 友好的信息提示:软件使用信息气泡、悬浮标签、任务栏、状态栏帮助用户熟悉软件功能;
  • Reliable Specifications: The software validates the correctness after user’s setting and gives corrective suggestions;
  • 可靠的参数配置:软件会校验用户设定的参数,并提出改正建议;
  • Engaging View: It provides a new-window view method, which allows users to compare two new result with a previous one.
  • 令人心动的显示方式:软件提供新窗口查看的方式,用户可以将新旧结果进行对比。

User Interface of Mr.Alpaca Pro

Developing Details 开发详情

  • Project Name 项目名称
    • Alpaca Digital Signal Processing Suite
  • Current Version 当前版本
    • Version Preview
  • Revisions 修订次数
    • 175 revisions, from revision 0b3ce2e to revision 3eaeebf
  • Code Amount 代码总量
    • Mr.Alpaca 1,003 lines (130.1MB)
    • Alpaca’s Library 436 lines ( 77.0MB)

There is a design report of Mr.Alpaca in Chinese. 本软件的设计报告已经发布。

Poster of Mr.Alpaca (Sensitive Information Redacted)

Demo Video of Mr.Alpaca (Mr.Alpaca的演示视频)


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