As Moderator everkahn said, the Tieba(The largest Chinese communication platformprovided by the Chinese search engine Baidu. - Wikipedia) of Beijing High School 4 was hacked with his passport, which has the power of moderators including deleting and was stolen at that time, and all posts were deleted illegally.

The dashboard of Tieba is very unfriendly for batching management, in which recovering will have to be done by clicking the button 'Recovering' one by one, while the deleted posts were more than 5,000 and were separated into more than 1,000 pages. There would be a painful work to recover all the posts and the service provider Baidu never has any response to such recovery requests.

As another moderator, the Monkey promised to recover them after the final-term.  The recovery task was completed automatically by a computer program, which was made by the Monkey in Active Server Pages via Visual Basic Script. The task was started around 18:55 EST Wednesday, and went to the finish point at 19:06 EST on the same day.

Moderator Monkey said, 'Any attempt to hack the Tieba is immoral, vain and invalid.'  The Moderator condemned such despicable acts.



作为另一名吧主,猴哥承诺将在期末考试后恢复这些帖子。恢复工作由无人工介入的计算机程序完成,这个计算机程序是由猴哥在Active Server Pages下通过Visual Basic Script编写的。这项工作从澳洲东部时间星期三18时55分左右开始,在澳洲东部时间同一天的19时06分结束。