The Monkey's House was down for 3 weeks.


Our former service provider deleted all our files and data in that hosting without any notification before, because of, they said, our 'violation' to the T.O.S. ,which has not been found by our staffs by now.

The WWW service via HTTP was failed in June 16, and our site monitor alarmed this severe problem.

The Monkey was around the final exam so that he did not have time to handle that very soon.

Fortunately, there is a fresh backup.


Meanwhile, the original domain 'shk3.pp.ru' was being expired, due to the new regulation.

In July 6, the domain was not delegated while the user were transferred to a Russian page of the NIC.

There was still a big problem that the Monkey 's profile in the RU-Center, the new NIC of Russian domains, was incorrect. The Monkey tried to write a letter with his passport to change the profile into correct one.

The RU-Center and the Old Monkey eventually helped the Monkey in the domain renewal, thus the domain 'shk3.pp.ru' was re-delegated yesterday.

The Monkey and his old friend PrinceWZZ now host a server together, which is called 'Princeton Monkey' by the Monkey. This server enables the Monkey more powers and provides him a bigger stage to perform his web ability.


Blips came again. The backup of database was made by 'mysqldump', which had a bug making double encoding to the data, according to Bug #28969.

So the restored database was filled with messy data. Still luckily, the Monkey found the solution by restoring-mysqldumping-restoring.

The Monkey also found a very cool technology website StakOverFlow, in which people encouraged the Monkey:

I'm sure you've also learned a best practice here. Always check your backups against a "burn system" so you know they are good before you need them for disaster recovery. Don't feel bad we've all been there. 😀 – Erik Nedwidek

Thanks to RU-Center, Old Monkey, stackoverflow and PrinceWZZ as well as all our readers.






猴哥的老朋友PrinceWZZ现在与猴哥合租一个猴哥称作Princeton Monkey的服务器,这个服务器使猴哥有更大的余地展示。

问题又来了,数据库的备份由于生成软件的漏洞(Bug #28969)而把数据重复编码,导致恢复后的数据库充斥着混乱的数据。有一次幸运的是,猴哥找到了一个通过恢复-备份-恢复的解决方案。


我确信你在这里学到了最重要的东西——经常在一个“滚烫的系统”上更新备份,因此你在需要灾难恢复前知道他们的重要性。不要感到悲伤,我们都在这儿呢! 😀 – Erik Nedwidek