As I mentioned to some friends, I will go to Northeastern University for one-year exchange. It can be very hard for a person to start new life in a new place according to my experience during my first year in high school.

Our BIT group arrived on August 24th and moved into the dorm on August 26th. Flight to the US took about 14 hours, and we transferred in Chicago.

One stupid thing happened on August 24th when I arrived in Boston. I went out from the gate and looked for my luggage. I waited for about one hour and then found that my luggage may be lost. The agent in the airport told me that the last time they saw my bags was in Chicago. They probably forgot to take my bags into my next plane. Therefore, I had to go to the hotel with all my two bags missing.

With no clean clothes, I even can not take a shower at all! I would like to tell you the company is American Airlines though they sent my bags to my hotel the next day. What an embarrassing trip! We just met the most heated days of students going abroad. Tons of people were waiting in Beijing Capital International Airport for boarding, which almost made us miss the flight!

I enjoyed the orientation activities organized for exchange students and all other new students. I made a lot of new friends. I also went to a bar the first time with their encourage, and I would like to post another one in Chinese about this experience in detail.

New semester is coming. I am sort of nervous as this is my final year. Being an exchange student seems not my best option at this time as I gave up some very good opportunities in China and put some things at risk. However, I believe that high risk gives high profit.