I have enhanced the appearance of Monkey House to make it informative to different kind of readers.

  • Multiple pages linked on the navigation bar are added to introduce the projects I did or am doing.
  • A preface is shown in the front page of Monkey House to help new readers know all features on this website.
  • I have optimized the code to implement the big theme image above the navigation bar, and loading a page should be faster.
  • The date of each post is shown as a more compact form.

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  • 在顶部导航栏上增加了几个新的栏目,用来介绍我已经或者正在做的独立研究项目或者开发项目;
  • 在主页上显示一个前言以便让新读者了解本站的所有功能;
  • 对显示导航条上方的主题图片的算法做了改进,提升了页面加载速度。